Transform Global is an organization formed to engage communities through collaboration, advocacy and education, while protecting the environment and natural resources.



Vision:   A world where all communities provide residents a healthy living environment, and provide       all kids an excellent education, while preserving the world’s resources for future generations. 


Mission:   To inspire greater social strength and health by bringing together community leaders, business   leaders and leaders in education to drive breakthroughs in the way education is provided,   communities are planned and resources are used.


Goals:     - To transform the built environment to increase the opportunities for    healthy living

  - To preserve the resources available to today’s society so they will be equally available for   future generations.

  - To equip students with the skills they need to become tomorrow’s leaders.


Method:  Transform Global works with non-profits, municipalities, educational institutions, and businesses to bring change through collaboration.


  Transform Global creates results-focused programs to produce measurable improvement in environmental impact, education, public health and employment opportunities.